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Real Beauty

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This isn't one of those communities where you submit a picture and get judged on how hot you are, because honestly, you could be the hottest person on earth...godly even, and still not be beautiful. You can submit pictures if you want and we might all drool over them, but this is where you can come to celebrate your own brand of beauty, weather it be physical, or some great talent, like art, or writing. Or maybe you are involved in some charities and would like to share info on them. You could even be one of the many people out there who are suffering through hard times, but dealing with it with a smile, or at least trying to. This is a friendly community. The only way to be banned is to come here with a negative, antagonistic attitude, harrassing others. So if you're interested, come and join. Please fill out the following very short survey and include it in your first post.

1) Name:
2) Location:
3) Hobbies:
4) What makes you beautiful?